The Great Burger Hunt — Part 5

Welcome back to The Great Burger Hunt! Back in Part 4, none of the burgers could defeat the amazing Black Sands Burger, but will any of these burgers be on top? This time, it’s burgers from Prather Ranch American Eatery, Epic Steakhouse and Gaspar.

1. Prather Ranch American Eatery

I see this small eatery in the Ferry Building every time I go in, but I never really stopped by to give it a try. I did swing by and grab a quick burger early in the year, and I thought it was pretty good, so I thought I should come back for the blog! I got this one cooked medium rare with a fried egg and caramelized onions with a side of beef tallow fries. I had remembered the burger itself tasting better, and honestly, the egg and onions really didn’t add much to it. In fact, it made it much harder to eat as everything kind of slid off. It was, however, better than Gott’s Roadside which is nearby. The fries were pretty tasty, so I was fairly happy all around, but it definitely isn’t the best burger I’ve had.

2. Epic Steak

I don’t think it’s unusual for a restaurant that specializes in meat to have a burger on the menu. Epic Steak sports a bacon-cheddar wagyu burger served with fries and burger sauce. So I decided to swing by one day at lunch to give it a try and see if it was any good. It’s definitely on the spendy side at $18, but it is also a really good sized burger. It’s so big, in fact, that it’s kind of messy and falls apart quite easily. The meat is really tasty and juicy though, so I was still really happy with it. It’s quite simple as there’s not much else on it except a huge amount of lettuce. There are also sweet pickles served on the side, but sadly mine looked a bit dry. The bun is soft and holds together well. The burger was pretty good, and the fries were crispy, but everything seemed kind of simple. And they did pull off simple really well, but not perfectly.

3. Gaspar

Finally, I decided to go off the “listed” burger haunts and give the burger at Gaspar a go. Actually, I was meeting a friend for lunch, and she suggested this place, and since there was a burger on the menu, I figured that I should probably just go for it. This one is nothing fancy, just your usual burger with all the fixings. It runs $16 for the basic burger, but I opted to add Gruyere cheese for an additional $2. It also came with a mountain of fries. Luckily, I was splitting it with someone who got the Croque Madame (my favorite sandwich) and some salad. The burger itself was cooked perfectly medium rare, and it was nice and juicy inside. So juicy that the bottom part of the bun soaked up some of the juicy goodness. And it still held up really well. In fact, it ended up being a really meaty tasting burger. Which is the way a burger should be. Not about the toppings, but just about the meat. It was definitely a surprise high contender on the Burger Hunt.

While the meaty burger at Gaspar was definitely this week’s winner, it still can’t beat the Black Sands Burger. There have been some very close contenders, but the price of the burger at Black Sands really helps keep it up in first place. Can it be toppled? Check out the next installment!

1. Black Sands Brewery
2. Wayfare Tavern
3. Gaspar
4. Wes Burger ‘n’ More
5. Epic Steak
6. ABV
7. 4505 Burgers and BBQ
8. Super Duper Burgers
9. Prather Ranch American Eatery
10. Causwells
11. Garaje
12. The Burger Bar
13. In ‘n Out
14. Gott’s Roadside
15. Popsons Burgers

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